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Ville :Dubai
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Émirats arabes unis
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Intérim, recrutement
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Linking Talent & Businesses & Opportunities 

In the ever-evolving business environments, constant alignment of resources is required to bring out the best of the circumstances. People who quickly adapt to the change are the most sought after and most scarce. To find them at the right time and finding them before the competition does,  is always “a tough balancing act” for corporate world. 

To have the right formation of people on your side, you need a partner who is not just a trustworthy adviser but an expert. 

This very need for a superior delivery based people solutions is the underpinning of Nexo. As a business consulting outfit, Nexo team has the ability to understand, define business requirements and serve not as an order-taker but being a solution provider. With over 25 years of diverse industry experience in the Middle East and Africa, Nexo is your trusted link to the finest talent in the region and beyond. Believing in partnerships, we often engage specialists who can add value in devising solutions for our clients. 

Our motto “coming together and growing together” is our driving force and our mission is to exceed expectations of our clients, business partners and employees, the first time, every time. We act as true ambassadors of our Clients’ portraying their organization culture, challenges and accomplishments. 

And for the other side of the link, the Talent; we act responsibly to facilitate career moves. We are the friend, philosopher and guide. We constantly look for a “win-win”. We strive for excellence in customer experience. 

We are keen to partner with you and make a difference to your business and your career.